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What Goes Into a Transmission Rebuild?

Almost every motor vehicle relies on a transmission to transfer the power generated by the engine to the wheels. They tend to be durable, but like everything else, transmissions can run into problems eventually. If you're dealing with a failed transmission, you should consider a rebuild.

Signs of a Failed Transmission

If you're having any of the following issues, your transmission may be failing, and you should consider rebuilding it:

  • A delay after changing gears: If you notice a delay when shifting from drive to park or any other gear, that points to a serious problem.
  • Slipping transmission: Your vehicle should never "slip" into a different gear while you're driving or parked.
  • Difficulty getting into gear: Similar to a delay, if shifting gears is putting a strain on your vehicle or it's refusing to change gears, that's a bad sign.

Inspection and Replacement of Parts

During the first stage of the transmission rebuild, a technician will inspect all of the parts to assess the damage and check which components can be salvaged. Many of the soft parts will be discarded because they tend to get more wear over time. This includes clutches, gaskets, filters, seals, and bands. The parts that are still in good condition will be cleaned and saved for reassembly.

Transmission Reassembly

As you might have guessed, assembly involves putting the transmission back together with the parts that have been cleaned or replaced. The technician will also make modifications based on the car manufacturer's recommended updates. This can help prevent the issues that caused your transmission to fail in the first place.

Test Drive and Quality Assurance Check

The last step is making sure that the rebuilt transmission is working correctly. Then, the technician will check for any leaks and top it off with some fluid. Once you get your vehicle back, you should ask for maintenance tips to keep it running smoothly.

At Best Transmission, our team has served drivers in Jacksonville with honesty and integrity for decades. Our technicians are transmission experts, and our repair shop is a certified ATRA member. We offer comprehensive transmission repair services for cars and trucks that are foreign or domestic. We back the quality of our work with a 12-month/unlimited mile warranty. If your transmission is having issues, get an estimate from our team today by calling 904.783.4980 or contacting us online.


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